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Our contractors are ready to help no matter the season.

Is your family coming over for the summer? Need a new gazebo for fall? We got you covered. Our contractors are highly experienced with all types of seasonal products like sheds, gazebos, BBQs, Patio Furniture, Fireplaces, Window AC, Christmas Lights, Trampolines, Basketball Nets, and many more.

Whatever the season calls for, we can build the right product to go along with it.

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Atefeh G.

"They were punctual friendly and very professional and delivered the work on a timely manner. I will definitely recommend Colin & Chris to my family and friends ;) Grateful for all their hard work..."

William M.

"Everything was perfect! Thank you! The service was a 10/10."

Ellen L.

"Everything was just great with the service very satisfied!"

Donald G.

"My wife and I could not be more satisfied with our Garage In A Box installation!"

Janet I.

"The worker came during the allotted time. He was very professional, knowledgeable, and efficient."

Bill H.

"I'm very pleased to have this new shelter in place before we get the full onslaught of winter here. The guys did a tremendous job in very tough conditions. I would highly recommend them to others who are requesting such service."

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sheds, Gazebos, and Patios

Yes, the installation can only be completed on flat, level ground with no more than a 6-inch grade. If your ground is more than 6 inches out of grade, you must level it or have our installers do it for you for an additional fee.

Please ensure that you have a minimum clearance of 3 feet on all sides of your gazebo and that the area is free of tree branches, power lines and any other obstructions.

We recommend that you clear all grass from roughly 6 inches from around the base of the gazebo.

Check the product specifications for any additional required parts and/or materials.

Damage to older, brittle patio stones, concrete and wood may occur during installation. Additional charges may apply to fix them.

Yes, this service is available for a measure fee but is not mandatory. If you are aware of the dimensions of your intended installation site a measure is not required.

Yes, we typically can install in most types of weather; however, keep in mind that if it is a wooden shed, you will want to paint your shed as quickly as possible after installation, and if we are building a base, it becomes difficult to do so in winter conditions. Check the manufacturers’ labels on the paint for temperature and climate requirements.

In some sporadic cases, the local ordinance may require the Installer to pick up the permit before the build physically. However, in most cases, the homeowner is responsible. If we must become involved to obtain a permit, there will be a fee involved. We will build your structure without a permit. However, we hold no liability or responsibility of the local H.O.A., city zoning department, or others who do not grant final approval or levy a fine against the homeowner. In addition, there will be additional costs for the homeowner if any modifications are required to meet outside requirements, Including moving the structure or required extra materials.

The customer should have an existing wooden or concrete base that matches the product to be installed. If not, additional costs may be incurred.


Installation of gas lines longer than 20 feet will require an additional fee for labor and materials.

Damage to older, brittle patio stones, concrete and wood may occur during installation of new gas line. Additional charges may apply to fix them.

Check the product specifications for any additional required parts and/or materials.

Patio Furniture

Clear a path for the installer to access where the patio furniture will be assembled.

Make space on the deck/patio and ensure that the area is free of tree branches, power lines and any other obstructions.

For condo residents, ensure that patio furniture is allowed and/or approved by your condo board and municipality. Regulations/rules must be verified and confirmed by the customer prior to assembly.

General Questions

Our technician will bring all the tools and equipment needed.

Customers are notified by text & email when the technician is on their way with an ETA.

If your product is not on the list, click here to contact our sales team.

Most of our customers will have the products delivered to their home by the retailer where they purchased their product. Upon request, we do also offer paid delivery services.

The vast majority of our services are based on flat fee menu-driven prices with the exception of services that are listed by quotations only.

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